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Fish chum and aromas.

Anderbait was created by addressing and later also cooperating with the only fish chum producer in Latvia - N-G mix. Our goal is to create an opportunity for everyone to buy high-quality, tested and, most importantly, environmentally friendly fish lures. With us you will be able to find advantageous offers and a wide range of products, which will definitely be supplemented.

As the N-G mix fish lure manufacturer says - ''I have been manufacturing fish chum for more than 16 years. Since the first day my motto has been: “Do not litter, where you will have to eat yourself!” Therefore, everything that I produce and develop is based on maximally natural raw materials and aromas, which cannot create discomfort for fish or any other water organisms. They are also an integral part of our flora and fauna. Let us protect our nature and ‒''ANGLER! DO NOT BE A PIG, COLLECT YOUR LITTER.''

Baker of fish feed

Guntis Andersons


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